Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

Micro-miniature autonomous optical sensor array for monitoring ions and metabolites 1: design, fabrication, and data analysis.

PMID 16733308


A micro-miniature array of sensing capsules for optical monitoring of pH, potassium and glucose is described. Optode technology translates the respective ionic levels into variable colors of ionophore/dye/polymeric liquid micro-beads stuffed into individual capsules. Glucose is monitored indirectly, by coupling through glucose oxidase (GOX) immobilized in cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP) based microscopic beads that are stuffed into another microcapsule together with pH sensitive optical microscopic beads. The electrolyte and glucose sensing capsules are embedded in a transparent cellulose acetate bar 300-500 microm wide and 2-2.5 mm long called the sliver sensor that includes also a white capsule made of micro-beads without dye for optical reference. By adding further capsules custom combinations of analytes can be monitored in biomedical and non-biological contexts. In this work, as an example, design, fabrication and testing of a sliver sensor that could be developed for in vivo use are described.