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Optimization of bilayer floating tablet containing metoprolol tartrate as a model drug for gastric retention.

PMID 16796352


The purpose of the present study was to develop an optimized gastric floating drug delivery system (GFDDS) containing metoprolol tartrate (MT) as a model drug by the optimization technique. A 2(3) factorial design was employed in formulating the GFDDS with total polymer content-to-drug ratio (X1), polymer-to-polymer ratio (X2), and different viscosity grades of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) (X3) as independent variables. Four dependent variables were considered: percentage of MT release at 8 hours, T50%, diffusion coefficient, and floating time. The main effect and interaction terms were quantitatively evaluated using a mathematical model. The results indicate that X1 and X2 significantly affected the floating time and release properties, but the effect of different viscosity grades of HPMC (K4M and K10M) was nonsignificant. Regression analysis and numerical optimization were performed to identify the best formulation. Fickian release transport was confirmed as the release mechanism from the optimized formulation. The predicted values agreed well with the experimental values, and the results demonstrate the feasibility of the model in the development of GFDDS.

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Metoprolol tartrate, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard
C30H50N2O6 · C4H6O6