The Journal of emergency medicine

Are one or two dangerous? Phenothiazine exposure in toddlers.

PMID 16798156


Traditionally, pediatric phenothiazine exposures are considered dangerous even at low doses. The actual risk of exposure to 1-2 tablets is unclear. In an attempt to determine this risk, the authors performed a literature search, review of the American Association of Poison Control Center data, and evaluation of related resources (e.g., textbooks, bibliographies of relevant papers). This review reveals only sparse data from case reports regarding morbidity and mortality in the pediatric population despite years of clinical experience. Serious toxicity from exposure to low doses is rare and nearly always the result of chlorpromazine ingestion. Although the risk to the toddler ingesting 1-2 tablets seems to be extremely low, several factors should be considered when determining the need for triage to a health care facility.