Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB

Salinity-induced tissue-specific diurnal changes in nitrogen assimilatory enzymes in tomato seedlings grown under high or low nitrate medium.

PMID 16889971


We studied the salt stress (100 mM NaCl) effects on the diurnal changes in N metabolism enzymes in tomato seedlings (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. cv. Chibli F1) that were grown under high nitrogen (HN, 5 mM NO(3)(-)) or low nitrogen (LN, 0.1 mM NO(3)(-)). NaCl stress led to a decrease in plant DW production and leaf surface to higher extent in HN than in LN plants. Total leaf chlorophyll (Chl) content was decreased by salinity in HN plants, but unchanged in LN plants. Soluble protein content was decreased by salt in the leaves from HN and LN plants, but increased in the stems-petioles from LN plants. Nitrate reductase (NR, EC showed an activity peak during first part of the light period, but no diurnal changes were observed for the nitrite reductase (NiR, EC activity. Glutamine synthetase (GS, EC and glutamate synthase (Fd-GOGAT, EC activities increased in HN plant leaves during the second part of the light period, probably when enough ammonium is produced by nitrate reduction. NR and NiR activities in the leaves were more decreased by NaCl in LN than in HN plants, whereas the opposite response was obtained for the GS activity. Fd-GOGAT activity was inhibited by NaCl in HN plant leaves, while salinity did not shift the peak of the NR and Fd-GOGAT activities during a diurnal cycle. The induction by NaCl stress occurred for the NR and GS activities in the roots of both HN and LN plants. Glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH, EC activity shifted from the deaminating activity to the aminating activity in all tissues of HN plants. In LN plants, both aminating and deaminating activities were increased by salinity in the leaves and roots. The differences in the sensitivity to NaCl between HN and LN plants are discussed in relation to the N metabolism status brought on by salt stress.

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