Journal of molecular biology

Identification of a stable flavin-thiolate adduct in heterotetrameric sarcosine oxidase.

PMID 16934831


Heterotetrameric sarcosine oxidase (TSOX) is a complex bifunctional flavoenzyme that contains two flavins. Most of the FMN in recombinant TSOX is present as a covalent adduct with an endogenous ligand. Enzyme denaturation disrupts the adduct, accompanied by release of a stoichiometric amount of sulfide. Enzyme containing>or=90% unmodified FMN is prepared by displacement of the endogenous ligand with sulfite, a less tightly bound competing ligand. Reaction of adduct-depleted TSOX with sodium sulfide produces a stable complex that resembles the endogenous TSOX adduct and known 4a-S-cysteinyl flavin adducts. The results provide definitive evidence for sulfide as the endogenous TSOX ligand and strongly suggest that the modified FMN is a 4a-sulfide adduct. A comparable reaction with sodium sulfide is not detected with other flavoprotein oxidases. A model of the postulated TSOX adduct suggests that it is stabilized by nearby residues that may be important in the electron transferase/oxidase function of the coenzyme.

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