Fourteen novel human members of mitochondrial solute carrier family 25 (SLC25) widely expressed in the central nervous system.

PMID 16949250


Members of the solute carrier family 25 (SLC25) are known to transport molecules over the mitochondrial membrane. In this paper we present 14 novel members of SLC25 family in human. These were provided with following gene symbols by the HGNC: SLC25A32, SLC25A33, SLC25A34, SLC25A35, SLC25A37, SLC25A38, SLC25A39, SLC25A40, SLC25A41, SLC25A42, SLC25A43, SLC25A44, SLC25A45, and SLC25A46. We also identified the orthologues for these genes in rat and mouse. Moreover, we found yeast orthologues for 9 of these genes and show that the predicted substrate binding residues are highly conserved in the human and yeast proteins. We performed a comprehensive tissue localization study for 9 of these genes on a panel of 30 rat tissues with quantitative real-time polymerse chain reaction. We detected their mRNA in a wide number of tissues, both in brain and in periphery. This study provides an overall roadmap of the repertoire of the SLC25 family in mammals, showing that there are at least 46 genes in the human genome coding for mitochondrial transporters.