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Phase I and pharmacokinetic study of tasidotin hydrochloride (ILX651), a third-generation dolastatin-15 analogue, administered weekly for 3 weeks every 28 days in patients with advanced solid tumors.

PMID 16951240


To determine the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics and to seek preliminary evidence of anticancer activity of tasidotin (ILX651), a novel dolastatin analogue, when administered as a 30-minute i.v. infusion weekly for 3 weeks every 4 weeks. Thirty patients with advanced solid malignancies were treated with 82 courses at six dose levels ranging from 7.8 to 62.2 mg/m2 weekly, initially according to an accelerated dose-escalation scheme, which evolved into a Fibonacci scheme as a relevant degree of toxicity was observed. Plasma and urine were sampled to characterize the pharmacokinetic behavior of tasidotin. A high incidence of neutropenia complicated by fever (one patient), or precluding treatment on day 15 (three patients), was the principal toxicity of tasidotin, at doses above 46.8 mg/m2. At all dose levels, nonhematologic toxicities were generally mild to moderate and manageable. Grade 3 toxicities included diarrhea and vomiting (one patient each). Drug-induced neurosensory symptoms were mild and there was no evidence of cardiovascular toxicity, which has been previously associated with other dolastatins. Tasidotin pharmacokinetics were mildly nonlinear, whereas metabolite kinetics were linear. A patient with non-small cell lung carcinoma experienced a minor response, and a patient with hepatocellular carcinoma had stable disease lasting 11 months. The recommended dose for phase II studies of tasidotin administered on this schedule is 46.8 mg/m2. The mild myelosuppression and manageable nonhematologic toxicities at the recommended dose, the evidence of antitumor activity, and the unique mechanistic aspects of tasidotin warrant further disease-directed evaluations on this and alternative schedules.

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