Molecular and cellular biology

The ADAP/SKAP55 signaling module regulates T-cell receptor-mediated integrin activation through plasma membrane targeting of Rap1.

PMID 16980616


Adhesion of T cells after stimulation of the T-cell receptor (TCR) is mediated via signaling processes that have collectively been termed inside-out signaling. The molecular basis for inside-out signaling is not yet completely understood. Here, we show that a signaling module comprising the cytosolic adapter proteins ADAP and SKAP55 is involved in TCR-mediated inside-out signaling and, moreover, that the interaction between ADAP and SKAP55 is mandatory for integrin activation. Disruption of the ADAP/SKAP55 module leads to displacement of the small GTPase Rap1 from the plasma membrane without influencing its GTPase activity. These findings suggest that the ADAP/SKAP55 complex serves to recruit activated Rap1 to the plasma membrane. In line with this hypothesis is the finding that membrane targeting of the ADAP/SKAP55 module induces T-cell adhesion in the absence of TCR-mediated stimuli. However, it appears as if the ADAP/SKAP55 module can exert its signaling function outside of the classical raft fraction of the cell membrane.