European journal of immunology

An important role of Tyk2 in APC function of dendritic cells for priming CD8+ T cells producing IFN-gamma.

PMID 17048270


Tyrosine kinase 2 (Tyk2) contributes to the signals triggered by IL-12 for IFN-gamma production by NK cells and T cells. We found in this study that Tyk2-deficient (-/-) mice showed increased susceptibility at the early stage after an i.p. infection with Listeria monocytogenes, accompanied by impaired IFN-gamma production. The numbers of both MHC class Ib (H2-M3)- or MHC class Ia (Kb)-restricted CD8+ T cells producing IFN-gamma and exhibiting cytotoxicity were significantly decreased in Tyk2-/- mice after infection with L. monocytogenes. Using an adoptive transfer system of OT-I cells expressing OVA(257-264)/Kb-specific TCR into Tyk2-/- mice followed by challenge with recombinant L. monocytogenes expressing OVA, we found that the defective Tyk2 signaling in the host environment was at least partially responsible for the impaired CD8+ T cytotoxic-1 (Tc1) cell responses in Tyk2-/- mice following the infection. Adoptive transfer with MHC class Ib- or MHC class Ia-binding peptide-pulsed BM-derived DC from Tyk2-/- mice induced lower levels of the Ag-specific CD8+ Tc1 cells producing IFN-gamma. These results suggest that Tyk2 signaling is also important for DC function in the induction of MHC class Ia- and class Ib-restricted CD8+ Tc1 cells following L. monocytogenes infection.