Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica

[Comparing analysis of components in volatile oils of nutmeg and prepared nutmeg by GC-MS].

PMID 17048680


To compare components in volatile oils of nutmeg and prepared nutmeg. Volatile oil from nutmeg and prepared nutmeg were extracted by vapor distillation. The chemical components in two kinds of volatile oils were determined and indentified by GC-MS. The change in quantity and quality of components in volatile oils were observed after processing. 13 new components occurred and 4 components disappeared in volatile oils after processing. The contents of methyleugenol and methylisoeugenol that are active ingredients were increased. The contents of myristicin and safrol that are toxic ingredients in volatile oils were decreased. The processing method of nutmeg by soaking with water and roasting with bran is scientific.