Kidney international

Plasma creatinine determination in mice and rats: an enzymatic method compares favorably with a high-performance liquid chromatography assay.

PMID 17082757


The use of the colorimetric Jaffé method for the measurement of creatinine in mouse and rat plasma has been criticized as prior studies have shown a dramatic overestimation. We compared a colorimetric picric acid, an enzymatic, and a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method to assess their appropriateness for routine measurements of creatinine in plasma of healthy and diseased mice (n=61) and rats (n=56). For the colorimetric Jaffé method a pronounced overestimation is confirmed. Additionally the method showed interference with hemoglobin already in a very low, non-visible concentration range in rat plasma. The enzymatic measurement demonstrated a hemoglobin interference in mice, only when hemolysis was visible. The comparison between HPLC and the enzymatic measurement gave a good agreement between both methods in both species. Therefore the enzymatic method fulfills the requirements for a routine screening test for plasma creatinine in healthy as well as diseased mice and rats Kiover a broad concentration range.