Reproductive biology

Phytoestrogen action in Leydig cells of Biłgoraj ganders (Anser anser).

PMID 17220941


The mechanism of phytoestrogen action in gonadal cells of ganders has not been elucidated. The aim of the study was to investigate in Biłgoraj ganders the possibility of phytoestrogen action via estrogen or androgen receptors or via protein tyrosine kinase pathways in Leydig cells. Genistein and daidzein (5 and 50 microM) as well as equol (50 microM) inhibited testosterone (T) secretion by incubated Leydig cells (1x10(5)/ml; 20 h; 37 degrees C). The effects of hydroxytamoxifen (estrogen receptor inhibitor) and cyproterone acetate (androgen receptor antagonist) on phytoestrogen inhibition of T release by Leydig cells were not observed. Lavendustin A (protein tyrosine kinases inhibitor) did not change T production. The influence of phytoestrogens seems not to be conducted via estrogen and androgen receptors or protein tyrosine kinases system in these cells, but further studies are required to completely examine the mechanism of phytoestrogens action in testes of ganders.