The Japanese journal of antibiotics

[Prophylactic effect of fosfomycin on postoperative infection in gastroenterological surgery].

PMID 17334060


Fosfomycin (FOM), a drug with unique mechanism of action against bacteria, was prospectively compared with cefmetazole (CMZ) and flomoxef (FMOX) to assess its effectiveness in preventing postoperative infections after upper gastroenterological and hepatobiliary surgery. FOM (2g/dose), CMZ (1 g/dose), or FMOX (lg/dose) was infused intravenously 2-3 times daily for basically 4 days including the day of surgery in order to examine whether or not infections would develop after surgery. According to the analysis results of 162 cases, efficacy in preventing infection was 86.8% for FOM, 73.1% for CMZ and 83.3% for FMOX, showing no significant differences among the 3 groups. Thus FOM was considered as efficacious as CMZ or FMOX in prophylaxis against postoperative infections. There were no adverse reactions in the FOM or CMZ group, but 3 cases of adverse reactions occurred in the FMOX group. Based on the above results, the usefulness of FOM for prophylaxis against postoperative infections has been confirmed. At present, the first- and second-generation cephems are most frequently used for prophylaxis against postoperative infections. In order to prevent an increase of resistant strains due to inappropriate use of these drugs, FOM, having no cross resistance with currently used drugs, is a promising candidate for prophylaxis against postoperative infections.

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