Journal of endodontics

Effect of prion decontamination protocols on nickel-titanium rotary surfaces.

PMID 17368335


Decontamination of instruments is a prerequisite for their potential reuse but may affect surface integrity. Hence, the effect of prion removal protocols on 7 brands of nickel-titanium files was investigated. Baseline debris scores were determined under magnification after staining with van Gieson's solution. After shaping root canals in vitro, rotaries were mechanically and ultrasonically cleaned followed by immersion for 24 hours in 2 M sodium hydroxide (NaOH), 6 M CH(5)N(3), or 3% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl); control files were stored dry. After sterilization, files were again stained and evaluated. Two of seven file brands demonstrated significantly higher baseline debris scores compared to final scores. Uniformly, debris could not be completely removed; there were no significant differences among groups. After immersion in NaOCl, 27.8% of instruments showed corrosion; however, no deterioration after immersion in the other solutions was found in the other groups. Regarding corrosion, no significant difference was found between brands. Based on these findings, single use of nickel-titanium rotaries appears beneficial.