Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences

Use of growth regulator of cytokinin type for enhancement and modification of herbicide activity.

PMID 17390827


The herbicidal action of Betanal Express (BPAM) on Chine jute (Abutilon theophrasti) weed was studied in the presence of a new plant growth regulator of urea type, N-phenyl-N-(1,2,4-triazol-4-yl)urea (PhenylTriazolylUrea, PTU). In the past years, Chine jute has become a major limiting factor in sugar beet production in the southern Russia due to its resistance to BPAM which is an essential herbicide widely used for sugar beet protection. When PTU was added to BPAM, the combination appeared to be more effective than the herbicide alone. The influence of phytohormone PTU was observed at very low application rate of 20-100 g/ha, thus herbicide dose in the ecosystem was reduced. The main visual signs of herbicidal action of the combination BPAM + PTU on Chine jute were inhibition of growth of overground plant and stem, leaves changes and sharp inhibition of root growth. No sugar beet injury was observed when this tank mixture was used. It was found that enhanced performance of the novel herbicide formulation is determined by increased herbicidal action of Ethofumesate, one of the active ingredients of BPAM.

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