Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences

Effects of two systemic fungicides: Artea (Propiconazole+cyproconazole) and Punch (Flusilazole) on the physiology and the respiratory metabolism of durum wheat (Triticum durum L.).

PMID 17390857


The present work aimed at the study of the effects of Artea and Punch; two systemic fungicides on durum Wheat (Triticum durum L. cv. GTA dur). Seeds were grown in a medium containing respectively 25, 50, 75 and 100 ppm of Artea and Punch under controlled conditions. After measuring root number and length, eight-day-old-root tips were used to determine Catalase (EC, Ascorbate-Peroxidase (EC and Guaïacol-Peroxidase (EC enzymatic activities. Root respiratory activity was also determined using a polarographic method (Clark electrode). Fungicide treatment triggered a decrease in root number and length for both fungicides. On the other hand, treatment with Artea and Punch resulted in an enhancement of the respiratory activity and increased antioxidative enzymatic levels in durum wheat roots. Activities of Catalase, Ascorbate-Peroxydase and Guaïacol-Peroxydase increased proportionally and were more meaningful at high concentrations (75 and 100 ppm) compared with controls. Modulations in respiratory metabolism and antioxidant system could probably be the result of Artea/Punch-induced toxicity which could lead to an oxidative stress status. The present study enhances previous works relevant to the toxic effects induced by systemic fungicides on plants.