Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Daam1 regulates the endocytosis of EphB during the convergent extension of the zebrafish notochord.

PMID 17412835


Convergent extension (CE) movement of cells is one of the fundamental processes that control the organized morphogenesis of tissues and organs. The molecular events connecting the noncanonical Wnt pathway and CE movement, however, are not well understood. We show that subcellular localization of Daam1, an essential component of noncanonical Wnt signaling, changes dynamically during notochord formation. In the early phases, Daam1 complexes with EphB receptors and Disheveled 2. This complex is incorporated into endocytic vesicles in a dynamin-dependent manner, thereby resulting in the removal of EphB from the cell surface with subsequent switching of cell adhesiveness. In the next step, Daam1 colocalizes with the actin cytoskeleton to induce morphological extension of cells. We elucidate the molecular mechanism underlying the CE movement of notochord cells with Daam1 as a dynamic coordinator of endocytosis and cytoskeletal remodeling.