Cancer letters

Dysadherin: a new player in cancer progression.

PMID 17442482


Dysadherin is a cancer-associated cell membrane glycoprotein that promotes experimental cancer metastasis. Here we review recent work that has provided insights into possible mechanisms of action of this newly recognized player in the cancer progression process. Dysadherin modulates cell phenotype in a number of ways, including down-regulation of E-cadherin-mediated cell adhesion, and up-regulation of chemokine production. In this way, expression of dysadherin in a tumor can influence both the tumor cell itself and the stromal compartment, so as to create conditions that are more permissive for metastatic spread. Dysadherin expression is also an independent prognostic indicator of metastasis and survival for many different types of human cancer. Thus, dysadherin may represent a new molecular target for the visualization, prevention or treatment of advanced cancer.