British journal of urology

Subtrigonal phenol injection. How safe and effective is it?

PMID 1747722


A series of 24 patients underwent 27 transtrigonal phenol injections for the treatment of bladder instability. Only 2 of 18 patients with detrusor instability and 2 of 6 with detrusor hyperreflexia continued to derive benefit from the procedure 6 months after it was carried out. Serious complications attributable to phenol were seen in 2 patients in this series and in a further 4 patients referred for complications resulting from this therapy in other centres. These results and a review of the literature lead us to suggest that transvesical phenol injection should not be used except in the hyper-reflexic bladder when no alternative treatment is possible. Particular care should be exercised in patients who have undergone extensive prior surgery or radiotherapy.