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Dry powder inhalation of hemin to induce heme oxygenase expression in the lung.

PMID 17537624


The purpose of this study was to formulate hemin as a powder for inhalation and to show proof of concept of heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1) expression in the lungs of mice by inhalation of hemin. Hemin was spray dried from a neutralized sodium hydroxide solution. The particle size distribution of the powder was between 1 and 5 microm. Dispersion from the Twincer dry powder inhaler showed a fine particle fraction (<5 microm) of 36%. A specially designed aerosol box based on the Twincer-inhaler was used for a proof of concept study of HO-1 induction by inhalation of hemin in mice. The aerosol in the exposure chamber of the aerosol box remained aerosolized up to 5 min. A rhodamin B containing aerosol was used to show that the aerosol box gave deposition over the entire lung indicating the suitability of the model. Additionally, inhalation of hemin showed a dose dependent increase in HO-1 protein expression in the lungs. In conclusion, hemin was successfully formulated as a powder for inhalation and the inhalation model allowed controlled HO-1 expression in the lungs of mice. Future studies investigating the utility of inhaled hemin in treating disease states are warranted.

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