The Journal of biological chemistry

Hyaluronan export by the ABC transporter MRP5 and its modulation by intracellular cGMP.

PMID 17540771


Hyaluronan must be exported from its site of synthesis, the inner side of plasma membrane, to the extracellular matrix. Here, we identified the multidrug-associated protein MRP5 as the principle hyaluronan exporter from fibroblasts. The expression of the MRP5 (ABC-C5) transporter was silenced in fibroblasts using RNA interference, and a dose-dependent inhibition of hyaluronan export was observed. Hyaluronan oligosaccharides introduced into the cytosol competed with the export of endogenously labeled hyaluronan and the MRP5 substrate fluorescein. Because cGMP is a physiological substrate of MRP5, the intracellular concentrations of cGMP were modulated by the drugs 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthin, propentofyllin, L-NAME, zaprinast, and bromo-cGMP, and the effects on hyaluronan export were analyzed. Increasing the cGMP levels inhibited hyaluronan export and decreasing it afforded higher concentrations of zaprinast to inhibit the export. Thus, cGMP may be a physiological regulator of hyaluronan export at the level of the export MRP5.

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