Acta medica Okayama

Effects of L-dopa or dopamine on human decidual prostaglandin synthesis.

PMID 1755339


L-Dopa and three catecholamines in the amniotic fluid before and after labor were measured to confirm the amniotic fluid catecholamine levels at the end of gestation. L-Dopa values were higher than those of three catecholamines, and dopamine which was the predominant catecholamine, rose significantly after the onset of labor. Then, to evaluate the effects of L-dopa or dopamine on prostaglandin synthesis, strips of human decidua vera obtained from fetal membranes at the time of elective cesarean sections before the onset of labor were incubated in Krebs-Ringer buffer in the presence of L-dopa or dopamine. When L-dopa was added, the net production of prostaglandin(PG)F was significantly greater than that of the control at each incubation time. On the other hand, the significant rise was observed only after 10 min of incubation for PGE2 production. Dopamine had a stimulatory effect on PGF synthesis only after 15 and 30 min of incubation, and it also stimulated the release of PGE2 at each incubation time. These results suggest that dopamine and L-dopa in amniotic fluid stimulate the production of prostaglandin by the decidua in humans.