American journal of industrial medicine

The global experience with lead in gasoline and the lessons we should apply to the use of MMT.

PMID 17567827


As leaded gasoline is on the verge of being eliminated from all gasoline worldwide another neurotoxin has been put on the market as a lead substitute. Initial concerns regarding the potential adverse health impacts of this additive have emerged and some evidence indicates that its use could damage pollution controls on advance gasoline fueled vehicles. This paper attempts to draw upon the experience with lead in gasoline to see what lessons we should have learned and how these lessons should apply to the use of the new additive, methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT). Based on the global experience with lead, the question is whether we have sufficient information to conclude that the precautionary principle should apply to the use of MMT; this would require the developer of the additive to demonstrate conclusively that it is safe before it is sold around the world.