Carbohydrate research

Synthesis of CMP-9''-modified-sialic acids as donor substrate analogues for mammalian and bacterial sialyltransferases.

PMID 17572399


Cytidine-5'-monophospho-sialic acid (CMP-Neu5Ac) derivatives bearing a phenyl group in which the tether length between the phenyl group and the 9-position of Neu5Ac varied were synthesized and evaluated as substrates for sialyltransferases. In the synthesis of the compounds, a coupling reaction between methyl 5-acetamido-4,7,8-tri-O-acetyl-9-azido-3,5,9-trideoxy-beta-D-glycero-D-galacto-2-nonulopyranosonate and 2-cyanoethyl 2',3'-O,N4, triacetylcytidine-5'-yl N,N-diisopropylphosphoramidite was carried out and the phosphite derivative thus obtained was oxidized and then deprotected to yield CMP-9''-azido-Neu5Ac. Modification of the 9-amino group prepared by reduction of the azido groups was performed by the use of several phenyl-substituted alkylcarboxylic acid derivatives. Using these CMP-9''-modified-Neu5Ac analogues bearing the phenyl-substituted alkyl-amide group, sialyltransferase assays were performed with both rat liver alpha-(2-->6)-sialyltransferase and Photobacterium alpha-(2-->6)-sialyltransferase. These 9-modified analogues could be transferred to disaccharide acceptors, and a practical enzymatic synthesis using CMP-9''-modified-Neu5Ac yielded sialoside analogues and sialylglycoproteins in good yield. These experiments demonstrate that the Photobacterium sialyltransferase can be used in the synthesis of sialoside analogues having a large substituent at the 9-position of Neu5Ac.