Zhonghua zhong liu za zhi [Chinese journal of oncology]

[The role of p38 MAPK in gastrin-induced u-PA expression in human colon cancer cells].

PMID 17575684


To study the effect of gastrin on the mRNA and protein expression of urokinase-type plasminogen activator (u-PA) in human colon cancer cells and detect the role of p38 MAPK in this process. Lipofectin method was used to transfect pCR3. 1/CCK2R vector expressing gastrin receptor into a colon cancer cell line colo320. Gastrin and gastrin antagonist were used to up-regulate and down-regulate the signaling pathway, respectively. Human colon cancer colo320 cells and colo320/ CCK2,R cells were cultured and then stimulated with gastrin for different time; SB203580 was added into culture medium to prevent p38 kinase pathway before incubating with gastrin; Western blot and RT-PCR were used to examine the u-PA expression. Western blot was employed to detect p38 kinase phosphorylation. Gastrin increased evidently the mRNA and protein expressions of u-PA and induced p38 kinase phosphorylation in colo320/CCK,R cells time-dependently. However, the extent of enhancement of u-PA and p38 MAPK expression in colo320 cells was much less than that in colo320/CCK2R cells. The gastrin antagonist L-365, 260 showed an effect of competitive inhibition on gastrin-induced u-PA expression and p38 kinase phosphorylation. The inhibitor SB203580 could sufficiently suppress gastrin-induced p38 kinase phosphorylation and significantly attenuate gastrin-induced u-PA mRNA and protein expressions in colo320/ CCK2 R cells in a dose-dependent manner. Gastrin-gastrin receptor signal transduction pathway can obviously induce u-PA expression in human colon cancer cells via activating the phosphorylation of p38 kinase.

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