AAPS PharmSciTech

Eudragit E as excipient for production of granules and tablets from Phyllanthus niruri L spray-dried extract.

PMID 17622112


The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility of using Eudragit E as a granulating agent for a spray-dried extract from Phyllanthus niruri to obtain tablets containing a high dose of this product. The granules were developed by wet granulation and contained 2.5%, 5.0%, and 10.0% Eudragit E in the final product concentration. The tablets were produced on a single-punch tablet press by direct compression of granules using 0.5% magnesium stearate as a lubricant. The tablets were elaborated following a 2 x 3 factorial design, where Eudragit E concentration and compression force were the independent variables, and tensile strength and the extract release of the tablets were the dependent variables. All granules showed better technological properties than the spray-dried extract, including less moisture sorption. The characteristics of the granules were directly dependent on the proportion of Eudragit E in the formulation. In general, all tablets showed high mechanical resistance with less than 1% friability, less moisture sorption, and a slower extract release profile. The Eudragit E concentration and compression force of the tablets significantly influenced both dependent variables studied. In conclusion, Eudragit E was efficient as a granulating agent for the spray-dried extract, but additional studies are needed to further optimize the formulations in order to achieve less water sorption and improve the release of the extract from the tablets.

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