Yao xue xue bao = Acta pharmaceutica Sinica

[Microstructure of novel solid lipid nanoparticle loaded triptolide].

PMID 17633214


Novel solid lipid nanoparticle (SLN) system is prepared with Compritol ATO 888 and tricaprylic glyceride. DSC, XRD, SAXS and NMR are employed to study the novel carrier property and microstructure. When the peak melting point decreased from 70.8 degrees C to 61.4 degrees C, the enthalpy sharply decreased. It could be concluded that the regular crystal lattices in the novel carriers are broken out for the oil joined in them. Melting behavior is occurred at -17.7 degrees C while novel SLN is composed of oil and solid lipid mixture from the DSC measurement. Most alpha phase and least beta' phase are in the nano carrier system whether drug loading or not from the XRD investigation. There is only 0.1 nm change of long space among the novel SLN made of mixture and the lipid matrix and traditional SLN; therefore, it is impossible of the oil molecular insert into the solid glyceride structure. Since the different melting behavior (DSC measurements) and molecular move state (NMR investigations), two lipid matrix are still in two state of liquid and solid lipid in the novel SLN carrier. Presume the microstructure of the novel SLN prepared by our experiment would be that liquid oil has formed superfine nano accommodation encapsulated with solid lipid, but the whole particle is still in nano size range.

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