Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin

Fungal malformins inhibit bleomycin-induced G2 checkpoint in Jurkat cells.

PMID 17666789


A DNA-damaging agent, bleomycin, arrests the cell cycle at the G2 phase of Jurkat cells, which are defective in the G1 checkpoint, while microtubule-disrupting colchicine arrests it at M phase. Fungal cyclopeptides, malformin A1 and malformin C, were found to abrogate bleomycin-induced G2 arrest (IC(50); 0.48 microM and 0.9 nM, respectively), resulting in a drastic decrease in cells in G2 phase and increase in cells in subG1 phase. On the other hand, malformins showed little effect on the colchicine-induced M phase arrest in Jurkat cells (IC(50); 2.7 microM and 24 nM, respectively). Malformin C (0.026 microM) also abrogated bleomycin-induced G2 arrest in colon cancer-derived HCT-116 cells. These data strongly suggest that malformin C disrupted the cell cycle at the G2 checkpoint of cancer cells, leading to sensitization of the cancer cells to the anti-cancer reagent.