Canadian journal of microbiology

Blind trials evaluating in vitro infectivity of Cryptosporidium oocysts using cell culture immunofluorescence.

PMID 17668024


An optimized cell culture immunofluorescence (IFA) procedure, using the HCT-8 cell line, was evaluated in blind trials to determine the sensitivity and reproducibility of measuring the infectivity of flow-cytometry-prepared inocula of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts. In separate trials, suspensions consisting of between 0% and 100% viable oocysts were prepared at the US Environmental Protection Agency, shipped to the American Water Laboratory, and analyzed blindly by cell culture IFA. Data indicated the control (100% live) oocyst suspensions yielded statistically similar results to cell culture dose-response curve data developed previously at the American Water Laboratory. For test samples containing oocyst suspensions of unknown infectivity, cell culture IFA analyses indicated a high degree of correlation (r2 = 0.89; n = 26) with the values expected by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Cell culture infectivity correlates well with neonatal mouse infectivity assays, and these blind validation trials provide credibility for the cell culture IFA procedure as a cost-effective and expedient alternative to mouse infectivity assays for determining in vitro infectivity of C. parvum oocysts.

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