Revista medico-chirurgicala a Societatii de Medici si Naturalisti din Iasi

Researches concerning the synthesis and antituberculosis action of some new sulphacetamide derivatives.

PMID 17802961


In the present study we emphasized the antituberculosis action of new sulphacetamide derivatives. In order o extend the research for obtaining antituberculosis substances, we decided to study the influence of the introducing of the thiourea and sulphamide groups in the molecule on the antituberculosis activity of the Isoniazid. We have developed a simple and precise method for obtaining the thiourea derivatives of sulphamides' isonicotinoilhydrazone. The structure of the newly synthesized compounds was confirmed by the quantitative elemental analysis as well as IR spectral measurements. We tested the antituberculosis action of new eight obtained sulphacetamide derivatives. Testing new substances on the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex implies the insemination of inoculums on tubes containing the new substances, in chosen concentrations. Early tests on Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains show susceptibility to these new compounds (for the tested concentrations). The new compounds represent a premise for obtaining new antimycobacterial agents.

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