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Separation and preconcentration of Ag(I) in aqueous samples by flotation as an ion-associate using iodide and ferroin followed the determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry.

PMID 17822260


A simple method for separation/preconcentration and determination of Ag(I) in aqueous samples is described. The method is based on formation of an ion-associate between Ag(I)-iodide complex and ferroin, which can be floated at the interface of the aqueous/n-heptane phases. The flotation process was carried out using 500-ml aliquot of the aqueous solution and the floated layer was dissolved in 5 ml of 1 M HNO3 containing methanol (50% v/v) as the solvent. The Ag(I) content was then determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS). The method so could be considered as an enrichment process, was achieved to a quantitative feature, when the pH of the solution was adjusted to 4 and the concentrations of iodide and ferroin were about 3.2 x 10(-4) M and 6.25 x 10(-5) M, respectively. The LOD and RSD (n = 7) were obtained 1.0 x 10(-8) M and 2.4%, respectively. It was found that a large number of cations and anions even at high considerably foreign ion/Ag(I) ratios were not interfered. The method was applied satisfactorily to recovery of Ag(I) from different aqueous samples.

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