International journal of food sciences and nutrition

A comprehensive review on vanilla flavor: extraction, isolation and quantification of vanillin and others constituents.

PMID 17886091


Vanilla, being the world's most popular flavoring materials, finds extensive applications in food, beverages, perfumery and pharmaceutical industry. With the high demand and limited supply of vanilla pods and the continuing increase in their cost, numerous efforts of blending and adulteration in natural vanilla extracts have been reported. Thus, to ensure the quality of vanilla extracts and vanilla-containing products, it is important to develop techniques to verify their authenticity. Quantitatively, vanillin is the major compound present in the vanilla pods and the determination of vanillin is a vital consideration in natural vanilla extracts. This paper provides a comprehensive account of different extraction processes and chromatographic techniques applied for the separation, identification and determination of chemical constituents of vanilla. The review also provides an account of different methods applied for the quantification and the authentification of chemical constituents of vanilla extract. As the various properties of vanilla are attributed to its main constituent vanillin, its physico-chemical and bioactive properties have also been outlined.

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