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Three-body-wear resistance of the experimental composites containing filler treated with hydrophobic silane coupling agents.

PMID 17964643


This paper evaluated the wear resistance of resin composite materials with fillers which were modified with a novel hydrophobic silane coupling agent. The novel silane coupling agent containing hydrophobic phenyl group 3-(3-methoxy-4-methacryloyloxyphenyl)propyltrimethoxysilane (p-MBS) was synthesized. The experimental light-cure hybrid composites containing 85wt% of filler modified with this silane were formulated. Twelve specimens were prepared for the three-body-wear test with the ACTA machine and the collected data were analyzed statistically using a one-way ANOVA and Tukey's multiple comparison test as the post hoc test. The wear of the composites containing fillers treated with p-MBS was significantly lower compared with the composite materials containing fillers pretreated with 3-methacryloyloxypropyltrimethoxysilane or the commercially composites (AP-X and ELS extra low shrinkage) after a wear test for 200,000 cycles (p<0.05). It is suggested that the resin composites containing fillers modified with the novel hydrophobic silane has high wear resistant, because of the coupling layers treated with this silane had an excellent affinity with the base resin and formed a highly hydrophobic layer on the filler surface.