Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology

Distal tubule bicarbonate reabsorption during rebound metabolic alkalosis.

PMID 1804523


Rebound metabolic alkalosis is a transient alkalemia that is seen during recovery from NH4Cl-induced metabolic acidosis. The persistent elevation of plasma bicarbonate concentration is the result of continuing excretion of net acid by the kidney. Bicarbonate transport by inner medullary collecting ducts has been reported by others to proceed normally (i.e., bicarbonate reabsorption continues in this segment) during rebound metabolic alkalosis. No other segmental responses have been evaluated. Since the surface distal tubule of the rat is known to both reabsorb and secrete bicarbonate in vivo, it was of interest to determine the response of this segment. Our results show that the distal tubule microperfused in vivo during rebound metabolic alkalosis continues to reabsorb significant amounts of bicarbonate, despite the presence of systemic alkalemia that we have previously shown to be associated with distal tubule bicarbonate secretion.

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