Proteomics analysis of Hodgkin lymphoma: identification of new players involved in the cross-talk between HRS cells and infiltrating lymphocytes.

PMID 18070985


Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg (HRS) cells in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) secrete factors that interact with inflammatory background cells and may serve as biomarkers for disease activity. To detect new proteins related to pathogenesis, we analyzed the secretome of HRS cells. Proteins in cell culture supernatant of 4 HL cell lines were identified using 1DGE followed by in-gel trypsin digestion and LC-MS/MS. In total, 1290 proteins, including 368 secreted proteins, were identified. Functional grouping of secreted proteins revealed 37 proteins involved in immune response. Sixteen of the 37 proteins (ie, ALCAM, Cathepsin C, Cathepsin S, CD100, CD150, CD26, CD44, CD63, CD71, Fractal-kine, IL1R2, IL25, IP-10, MIF, RANTES, and TARC) were validated in HL cell lines and patient material using immunohistochemistry and/or ELISA. Expression of all 16 proteins was confirmed in HL cell lines, and 15 were also confirmed in HL tissues. Seven proteins (ALCAM, cathepsin S, CD26, CD44, IL1R2, MIF, and TARC) revealed significantly elevated levels in patient plasma compared with healthy controls. Proteomics analyses of HL cell line supernatant allowed detection of new secreted proteins, which may add to our insights in the interaction between HRS cells and infiltrating lymphocytes and in some instances might serve as biomarkers.