Drugs of today (Barcelona, Spain : 1998)

Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of PEG/PG lubricant eye drops with gelling agent (HP-Guar) for the relief of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease: a review.

PMID 18174974


The objective of this review is to evaluate the efficacy of polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400/propylen glycol (PG) in-situ gellable lubricant eye drops with HP-Guar (as the gelling agent) in reducing dry eye signs and symptom. A systematic literature search utilizing MEDLINE was conducted to identify peer-reviewed articles related to dry eye disease and in-situ PEG/PG gellable lubricant eye drops. The search covered the period prior to July 2007. Articles were selected based on their direct applicability to the subject matter. A manual search was also conducted based on citations in the published literature. Additional original reports were referenced at the author's discretion if deemed applicable to the subject matter of the review. Forty-three (43) articles were identified and are reviewed here. The published literature indicated that dry eye disease is a prevalent condition in the United States, especially among women and the elderly. The biphasic mechanism of action of in-situ PEG/PG gellable lubricant eye drops, afforded by their unique structure, renders them more effective at reducing the signs and symptoms of dry eye than many commercially available over-the-counter products.

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