International journal of surgical pathology

PEComa: another member of the MiT tumor family?

PMID 18203778


We report 2 cases of PEComa, one occurring in the colon of an 11-year-old boy and the other in the bone (fibula) of a 92-year-old woman. Both tumors consisted of nests of large epithelioid cells surrounded by a fibrovascular stroma. The nuclei were large and vesicular, with prominent centrally located nucleoli. The cytoplasm was eosinophilic, with a fine to coarse granularity. Mitoses and individual cell necrosis were infrequent. Immunohistochemically, both tumors showed strong cytoplasmic expression of HMB-45 and intense nuclear positivity for TFE3. To our knowledge, nuclear positivity for TFE3 has been previously reported in only 5 cases of PEComa. Reactivity to this marker suggests that PEComa should be added to the growing list of human tumors of the so-called MiT family gene.

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