Journal of neuro-oncology

Eicosanoid production by brain tumours in vivo--evidence for intracranial compartmentation.

PMID 1823345


Brain tumours produce prostaglandins in vitro; their in vivo production has been studied by determining the levels of prostaglandin F2 alpha, prostaglandin E2, 6-ketoprostaglandin F1 alpha and thromboxane B2 in tumour cyst fluid and ventricular CSF taken from 21 patients with a variety of intracranial tumours. The levels were high in tumour cyst fluid but there was no overall increase in ventricular CSF. Hence, brain tumours do not produce a consistent pattern of abnormality of eicosanoid concentrations in the ventricular CSF that would be useful for diagnosis. If brain tumours produce excess quantities of these prostaglandins in vivo as they do in vitro, these prostaglandins may be rapidly cleared by the cerebral microvasculature unless compartmentalized within a tumour cyst.