Journal of hazardous materials

Use of 8-hydroxyquinoline-chitosan chelating resin in an automated on-line preconcentration system for determination of zinc(II) by F AAS.

PMID 18243546


This study presents the development of an on-line preconcentration system for zinc(II) determination in aqueous samples. The analyte was trapped in a mini-column filled with a chelating resin based on a chitosan biopolymer modified with 8-hydroxyquinoline obtained by the diazotization reaction. Flow and chemical variables of the system, as well as the potential interference ions, were optimized through a multivariate procedure. The factors selected were sample pH, eluent concentration (HNO(3)), and sample and eluent flow rates. It was verified through a full factorial design that the sample pH and eluent flow rate factors were statistically significant at the 95% confidence level. A final optimization of the significant factors was carried out using a Doehlert matrix. The preconcentration system was linear between 2.5 and 75 microgL(-1), with a regression coefficient of 0.9995. The enrichment factor was 17.6. The limits of detection and quantification were 0.8 and 2.5 microgL(-1), respectively. The repeatability and the analytical frequency were, respectively, 2.7 (25.0 microgL(-1), n=8) and 18 samples per hour. Results for recovery tests using mineral water samples were between 85 and 93%. Certified reference materials were analyzed in order to check the accuracy of the proposed method.