Aviakosmicheskaia i ekologicheskaia meditsina = Aerospace and environmental medicine

[Role of insufficient hormone production in development of osteopenia in consequence of physical loads defficiency].

PMID 18350830


Experiments with rats deprived of support loading on hind limbs by tail-suspension showed that injection of hormones participating in bone metabolism impeded the development of tibial spongy osteopenia; also, normalization of longitudinal bone growth was observed in several cases. Investigations were aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of growth hormone, sex hormones, thyreoid hormones, calcitonin, CNS stimulating ephedrine and strychnine, and graded support loads. The best results were obtained after injection of calcitonin combined with sinestrol (synthetic analog of estradiol) and graded support loads which acted as initiators and amplifiers of hormonal effects. The combination of calcitonin, sinestrol and support loads prevented osteopenia and provided the normal bone growth in length during rat's suspension.