Expert opinion on drug metabolism & toxicology

Zolpidem extended-release: therapy for sleep induction and sleep maintenance difficulties.

PMID 18363547


Insomnia is a highly prevalent condition that is associated with significant morbidity. Those who suffer from this condition commonly report impairment in daytime functioning, and may be at risk for the development of co-morbid illnesses, including psychiatric illnesses such as depression. Although primary and co-morbid insomnias are presented to clinicians in healthcare settings, physicians may need to apply direct inquiry in order to elicit patient reports of insomnia. To present information that helps clinicians to identify, evaluate, and treat patients with insomnia. Original research and reviews published in the peer-reviewed literature were considered and cited in this manuscript. Insomnia is an under-recognized condition. However, the significant morbidity associated with it warrants the attention of healthcare providers. There are sound methods that can be used in the evaluation of insomnia that allow clinicians to render differential diagnoses, ultimately enabling them to consider the use of the effective and safe treatments available today.