Journal of chromatography. A

"On the Collander equation": protein partitioning in polymer/polymer aqueous two-phase systems.

PMID 18378246


Distribution coefficients of randomly selected proteins were measured in aqueous two-phase systems (ATPSs) formed by different combinations of Dextran-75 (Dex), Ficoll-70, polyethylene glycol-8000 (PEG), hydroxypropyl starch-100 (PES), and Ucon50HB5100 (Ucon, a random copolymer of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol) at particular polymer concentrations, all containing 0.15M NaCl in 0.01 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.4. Most of the proteins in the PEG-Ucon system precipitated at the interface. In the other ATPSs, namely, PES-PEG, PES-Ucon, Ficoll-PEG, Ficoll-Ucon, and in Dex-PEG and Dex-Ucon described earlier the distribution coefficients for the proteins were correlated according to the solvent regression equation: lnKi=aiolnKo+bio, where Ki and Ko are the distribution coefficients for any protein in the ith and oth two-phase systems. Coefficients aio and bio are constants, the values of which depend upon the particular compositions of the two-phase systems under comparison.

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