Behavioural brain research

Behavioral, sleep-waking and EEG power spectral effects following the two specific 5-HT uptake inhibitors zimeldine and alaproclate in cats.

PMID 1838688


Sleep, waking and EEG power spectra were studied in cats for 15 h following peroral administration of placebo or 10 mg/kg and 20 mg/kg of the 5-HT reuptake inhibitors zimeldine and alaproclate. Behavior was also observed during the initial period following drug administration. Both drugs had effects on motor behavior and initiated hallucinatory like behavior. Zimeldine increased latency to stable sleep and to SWS-2. Alaproclate increased latency to SWS-1. Both drugs increased SWS (NREM sleep) and particularly SWS-2. REM sleep latency was increased and REM sleep was reduced following both drugs. EEG slow wave activity was increased following zimeldine. It is concluded that the 5-HT stimulation caused by the drugs yields complex effects on the sleep-waking axis, both sleep incompatible and sleep promoting effects.