Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Variability of oil content and of major fatty acid composition in almond (Prunus amygdalus Batsch) and its relationship with kernel quality.

PMID 18461963


Oil content and fatty acid composition were determined for two years in the kernel oil of eight cultivars and 47 advanced self-compatible almond genotypes developed in an almond breeding program. Considerable variation between genotypes was found for all parameters. Oil content ranged from 48% to 67% of the total kernel dry weight but was consistent over the two years. Fatty acid composition was also very variable, with significant differences between genotypes, even in genotypes of the same progeny. Oleic acid, ranging from 63% to 78%, and linoleic acid, ranging from 12% to 27%, were the major fatty acids, showing higher values in some selections than in their parents. The large variability observed for all fatty acids and the presence of selections with higher oil and fatty acid contents than the commercial cultivars represents a very promising base to obtain new almond cultivars with oil of higher quality, satisfying the industrial and consumer sectors.