Journal of hazardous materials

Trace level determination of molybdenum in environmental and biological samples using surfactant-mediated liquid-liquid extraction.

PMID 18462870


A novel and sensitive spectrophotometric method for the determination of molybdenum at trace levels in environmental and biological samples is proposed. The method is based on the reaction of Mo (V) with thiocyanate (SCN(-)) and methyltrioctyl ammonium chloride (MTOAC) in acidic medium. The red colored complex of molybdenum is extracted with N-phenylbenzimidoyl thiourea (PBITU) in 1-pentanol for its determination by spectrophotometry. The sensitivity of the present method is higher than other conventional thiocyanate method, due to the use of MTOAC in liquid-liquid extraction. The value of molar absorptivity of the complex with respect to molybdenum is 7.6x10(4)Lmol(-1)cm(-1) at 470nm. The limit of detection of the metal is 5ngmL(-1). The system obeys Beer's law between 20 and 1000ngmL(-1) with slope, intercept and correlation coefficient values of 0.81, 2.5x10(-3) and +0.999, respectively. Most of the metal ions tested did not interfere in the determination of molybdenum. The proposed method has been successfully applied for the determination of the molybdenum in environmental and biological samples.