Journal of AOAC International

Second-derivative synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy for the simultaneous determination of cinnarizine and nicergoline in pharmaceutical preparations.

PMID 18476347


A rapid, simple, and highly sensitive second-derivative synchronous fluorometric method has been developed for the simultaneous analysis of binary mixtures of cinnarizine (CN) and nicergoline (NIC). The method is based upon measurement of the native fluorescence of these drugs at constant wavelength difference (Deltalambda) = 80 nm in aqueous methanol (50%, v/v). The different experimental parameters affecting the native fluorescence of the studied drugs were carefully studied and optimized. The fluorescence-concentration plots were rectilinear over the range of 0.025-1.5 and 0.25-5.5 microg/mL for CN and NIC, respectively, with lower detection limits of 0.58 and 0.82 ng/mL and quantitation limits of 1.93 and 2.73 ng/mL for CN and NIC, respectively. The proposed method was successfully applied for the determination of the studied compounds in synthetic mixtures and in commercial tablets. The results obtained were in good agreement with those obtained with reference methods. The high sensitivity attained by the proposed method allowed the determination of CN in real and spiked human plasma. The mean recovery in the case of spiked human plasma [number of trials (n) = 3] was 102.82 +/- 2.17%, while that in real human plasma (n = 3) was 105.25 +/- 2.05.