Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Direct quantitation of fatty acids present in bacteria and fungi: stability of the cyclopropane ring to chlorotrimethylsilane.

PMID 18533660


The stability of the cyclopropane ring and the fatty acid composition of microbial cells were determined using chlorotrimethylsilane as reagent with three different conditions 80 degrees C for 1 h, 60 degrees C for 1 h, and 60 degrees C for 2 h. Chlorotrimethylsilane permits a simultaneous extraction and derivatization of fatty acids. A basic method was used as reference. The bacteria, Escherichia coli, Burkholderia cepacia, and Lactobacillus brevis, and fungi Aspergillus niger and Gibberella fujikuroi were used. The stability of the cyclopropane ring on acidic conditions was tested using the cyclopropanecarboxylic acid and a commercial mixture of bacteria fatty acid methyl esters (BAME). Fisher's least significant difference test showed significant differences among the methods. The method using chlorotrimethylsilane and 1-pentanol for 1 h at 80 degrees C gave the best results in cyclopropane, hydroxyl, and total fatty acid recoveries. This procedure allows the fast and easy one-step direct extraction derivatization.