Gynecologie, obstetrique & fertilite

[Role of mifepristone for the treatment of uterine fibroid].

PMID 18539512


Mifepristone, a progesterone receptor antagonist steroid, can reduce uterine fibroid tumours' growth by several pathways. Its efficiency has been widely evaluated in symptomatic patients for more than 10 years. A significant decrease in fibroid tumours and uterine volume concomitant with better quality of life scores can be obtained with a daily administration of Mifepristone 5mg. Mifepristone can be compared with GnRH agonists in terms of efficiency. Observed adverse outcomes are hot flushes (38%), elevated hepatic enzymes (4%) and benign endometrial hyperplasia (28%). Hot flushes and endometrial hyperplasia are not observed with 5mg daily doses. Data suggest that many invasive procedures could be avoided with the routine use of Mifepristone for fibroid tumours care. However, published study periods are only three to 12 months: long lasting evaluation in larger groups of patients seems necessary before this treatment could be proposed as routine care.