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[Biopharmaceutic and technological investigation of vagina suppositories containing brilliant green].

PMID 18560037


The vaginal suppository composition, containing 0, 05, 0, 1 and 0, 5 of drug substance is presented. The release of drug substance was investigated. The influence of a number of the factors on the degree of release was investigated. Cocoa oil, confectionery fat and three different types of emulgator were used. According to gained results the average release degree was 73-76%, which is sufficient for effective action of a preparation. The technological parameters of suppositories including the temperature melting and hardening are determined. All parameters were at an acceptable level. The optimum composition of suppositories was determined. The optimal composition of suppositories was determined (base, emulgator, the content of active substance, mass of the suppository. The investigation proved the effectiveness of the preparation.

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