Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research

[Effects of S-alpha-chlorohydrin on male ICR mice fertility].

PMID 18589591


To study the effects of S-alpha-chlorohydrin on male ICR mice mating index, fertility index and the histopathologic changes of testis and epididymis. 64 sexually mature male ICR mice were randomly divided into four groups, each group contained 16 mice. At the doses of 1/40, 1/20 and 1/10LD50 (mice oral, LD50 117.54 mg/kg) S-alpha-chlorohydrin (ACH) were administrated consecutively by oral gavage to male ICR mice, while equal volume redistilled water was given to the controls. At the 5th day mating tests were started, and four male mice from each group were mated with females at a ratio of 1:1. The mating test was carried out every other day until 2 months, and the mating index and the male fertility index induced by S-alpha-chlorohydrin were observed. 6 male mice from each group were exposed with S-alpha-chlorohydrin for another 6 months, and then epididymal cauda sperm counts and histopathological changes in the testes and epididymides were evaluated. (1) In Comparison with control groups, the mating index and male fertility index in male mice exposed to S-alpha-chlorohydrin for two months at any dose level were not changed; (2) There were no significant changes in cauda sperm count between treated and control groups, and no obvious histopathological injuries were observed in testes and epididymides of treated mice. Long term exposure to S-alpha-chlorohydrin less than 1/40LD50 did not induce antifertility effects in male ICR mice.